Finland presents a wealth of opportunities for global professionals, allowing you to advance your career in the world’s most innovative nation.

Have you ever considered working in the world’s happiest country? At the moment, it’s also an excellent professional decision.

With a dynamic innovation environment, a thriving startup landscape, and one of the top ICT and gaming sectors globally, Finland offers a multitude of career possibilities in fields like ICT, gaming, and beyond.

The Finnish ICT sector boasts a remarkable history of groundbreaking innovations, such as modern mobile messaging, 5G mobile data, and the Linux operating system. Presently, Finnish enterprises are pioneering advancements in areas like 5G, 6G, AI, and industrial IoT.

As the premier global destination for game development, Finland possesses extensive expertise and a wealth of talent. Notable Finnish game studios include internationally recognized names like Supercell, Rovio, Nextgames, and Remedy Entertainment.

Ranked as the top country for skills development, working in Finland enables career growth across all sectors. Employee-friendly working hours ensure a superb work-life balance, while nature is easily accessible for everyone in Finland.

For those with children, Finland is an ideal choice. The country provides a top-tier education system and a secure, healthy society.

Why work in Finland?

Working in Finland offers numerous advantages for professionals, making it an attractive destination for career development and personal growth. Some key reasons to work in Finland include:

  1. Innovation and technology leadership: Finland is known for its cutting-edge technology and innovation across various industries such as ICT, gaming, clean technology, and healthcare. Working in Finland allows you to be part of an innovative environment and contribute to groundbreaking advancements.
  2. High-quality work-life balance: Finland is renowned for its emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With employee-friendly working hours, flexible arrangements, and generous parental leave policies, professionals can enjoy a satisfying career while having ample time for personal pursuits.
  3. Excellent education system: Finland’s world-class education system is highly regarded, which is beneficial for those with children or those looking to continue their education.
  4. Safe and stable environment: Finland consistently ranks among the top countries in terms of safety and quality of life. This offers a secure and comfortable setting for professionals and their families.
  5. Nature and outdoor activities: With abundant forests, lakes, and coastline, Finland provides ample opportunities to engage in outdoor activities and enjoy the natural environment.
  6. Strong social welfare system: Finland offers comprehensive social welfare benefits, including universal healthcare and a reliable pension system, contributing to a sense of security and well-being.
  7. Global connections: Many Finnish companies have a strong international presence, offering professionals the chance to network, collaborate, and gain experience in a global context.
  8. Skill development opportunities: Finland’s focus on skills development and lifelong learning ensures that professionals can continuously grow and adapt to the changing job market.

Key industries in Finland

Finland has a diverse economy with several key industries driving growth and innovation. Some of the most significant industries in Finland include:

  1. Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Finland has a strong ICT sector, with a track record of innovations in mobile communications, software development, and digital services. Companies like Nokia and Ericsson are known worldwide for their contributions to the industry.
  2. Gaming: Finnish gaming studios such as Supercell, Rovio, Nextgames, and Remedy Entertainment have gained international recognition, making the country a hub for game development and innovation.
  3. Clean Technology: Finland is at the forefront of clean technology solutions, focusing on renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable construction. The country has set ambitious goals to reduce its carbon footprint and transition to a circular economy.
  4. Forestry and Paper: Finland has vast forest resources, making the forestry and paper industry a crucial part of the economy. The country is a significant producer of pulp, paper, and timber products and is actively investing in bio-based materials and sustainable forestry practices.
  5. Metal and Engineering: The Finnish metal and engineering industry is diverse, encompassing areas such as shipbuilding, automotive components, and machinery manufacturing. The industry is known for its high-quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques.
  6. Chemicals: Finland has a robust chemicals industry, producing a wide range of products, including basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology products. The industry emphasizes sustainable production and the development of bio-based and renewable materials.
    Healthcare and Life Sciences: Finland’s healthcare and life sciences sector focuses on research and development in areas such as biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The industry benefits from a well-developed infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce.
  7. Food and Agriculture: The Finnish food and agriculture industry is characterized by its emphasis on sustainability, food safety, and quality. Key subsectors include dairy, meat production, and fish farming, as well as innovative solutions in food technology and packaging.

These industries, along with others, contribute to Finland’s diverse and innovative economy, offering a range of opportunities for professionals across various fields.

Here are a few example job vacancies in Finland:

  • Marketing Manager: A company in Finland is seeking a Marketing Manager to lead their marketing efforts and drive growth for the business. Responsibilities include developing and implementing marketing strategies, conducting market research, and managing a team of marketing professionals.
  • Roll Up Printing Specialist: A printing company in Finland is looking for a Roll Up Printing Specialist to join their team. The ideal candidate will have experience in printing and design, and a strong understanding of roll up printing techniques and materials.
  • Sales Representative: A Finnish company is searching for a Sales Representative to drive sales and grow their customer base. The successful candidate will have experience in sales, excellent communication skills, and a deep understanding of the Finnish market.
  • Customer Service Specialist: A Finnish company is seeking a Customer Service Specialist to provide top-notch customer support to clients. Responsibilities include answering customer inquiries, resolving customer complaints, and providing product information.
  • Project Manager: A Finnish company is looking for a Project Manager to lead complex projects and ensure they are completed on time and within budget. The ideal candidate will have experience in project management, strong leadership skills, and a deep understanding of project management methodologies.